I am student journalist who lives in Bournemouth with my two course mates. I am currently in my third year studying Multi Media Journalism and in my spare time I also write for Black Box Beauty.I started The Pastel Girl to give me a space to practice my writing and to ramble about beauty, all things good and bad. I am an avid beauty fan and enjoy posting about make up, skincare, haircare and nail polishes. I love blogging and put time and effort into every post and the correspondng photos. I am dedicated to my blog and try to update it with a new post at least five times a week. I have always loved beauty products, most of the wages from my part time job would be spent in Superdrug or Boots buying the latest make up and body treatments.

I love buying skincare products and they feature heavily on my blog. My skin is normal with an oily t-zone and enlarged pores. I also suffer from mild-moderate acne around my mouth and forehead so products that help these concerns will feature often on my blog. I always ensure I test my products before posting a review, and every review contains my 100% honest opinion no matter if it is a PR sample, sponsored post or something I just happened to pick up while out shopping.

I am a big fan of highstreet beauty products as my student budget often doesn't stretch to buying high-end products all the time. Some of my favourite brands include Rimmel, Maybelline, Collection, Bourjois, Revlon and GOSH but I also like Benefit and Urban Decay.

Haircare products will also feature on The Pastel Girl from time to time. I have a mid length, light brown hair which is thick, slightly frizzy and sometimes dry at the ends. I regularly use a hair dryer and straighteners as my hair has a natural curl to it.

As well as beauty you will also find lifestyle posts, featuring recipes, resturant reviews and the like. For further details you can contact me on: beth.at.bmth@hotmail.co.uk