Thursday, 3 July 2014

Beauty | Soap & Glory 'Feel Good Factor' Translucent BB Cream

Now I may have missed the mega-hype surrounding the initial launch of BB creams (and then CC creams), but admittedly I'm only starting to come round to the idea of them. This Soap and Glory BB cream has been languishing in the back of my make up box for a while now because 1) it's translucent so what's the point of wearing it and 2) IT'S TRANSLUCENT, I might as well go bare faced and nobody wants to see that! But I'm happy to hold my hands up and say 'I was wrong, this IS something you want to swap into your summer makeup routine'.

Now that my skin has started to clear up, and the warm weather has hit us, I decided it was time to swap from my medium coverage foundations to tinted moisturisers and BB creams. While I was about to purchase one, I spotted the 'Feel Good Factor' sitting in my make up box, I've been testing it out for the last week and I've loved it so far. This is a multitasking must-have which deserves a home in any make up bag, not only does it moisturise and prime skin but also provides a handy sunblock with SPF25. The squeezy tube design means that you don't have to worrying about being left with excess product on the back of your hand either. It also absorbs into skin really quickly, meaning you don't get that wet or greasy feeling some foundations leave after applying.
I was worried when I first started wearing this that I would see zero difference, but it minimizes pores, blots away oily patches and generally makes my skin look fresher, brighter and like I've had a wonderful 8 hour snooze every evening. I've still been wearing this with concealer and a touch of translucent powder, but hey when you're a full-coverage kind of gal it's difficult to switch off completely from your favourite foundation.
Plus, the great thing about it being translucent means if you do want a fuller-coverage look then you add some foundation on top you can! It even says so on the packaging! If, like I felt previously, the idea of wearing translucent BB cream leaves you less than happy then simply use this as an illuminating primer instead. It also means it's suitable for just about any skin tone or type, no more colour matching woes.
You can buy The Feel Good Factor from Boots, online and in store, for £12.

Have you tried Soap and Glory's Feel Good Factor? What's your favourite BB Cream?

Beth xx

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  1. I've never tried this but it looks amazing! Definitely going to pick this up for the warmer months!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo