Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Umberto Giannini extreme taming spray

Umberto Giannini extreme taming spray *

Hello, I hope you're all well. Today I'm sharing a product that, unfortunately, I was very disappointed with. I have very thick, wavy hair so I'm always on the look out for products that promise to bring me the sleek, shiny and (most importantly) straight hair do I desire. I remember the first time the hairdresser straightened my hair for me, I had such tight waves at the root that I had to have two people straightening my hair at the same time! That was nearly six years ago now, so years of daily straightening (and growing my hair out long again) have helped to tame the waves but not enough that I could simply blowdry it and walk out the door.
This bottle was part of our goody bag from the Cosmpolitan Careers Masterclass so I was really looking forward to trying it. 3 days of frizz free hair just seems too good to be true doesn't it, and while the product did stand up to the label for me it just wasn't worth hassle.
The spray is heat activated, so you can use it both before a blow dry and before you straighten you hair. The only problem I found , and it may be just because I have thick hair, was that the spray started to dry in your hair before you could properly blow dry it. And when I say dry, I mean dry ROCK HARD! I had to - very painfully - drag a brush through my hair and try to separate it so I could finish blowdrying it. It's even worse when you spray it into dry hair and try to straighten it. Although I did find it helped to keep my hair a bit more frizz free than usual the results weren't worth the extra time I had to spend drying and straightening my hair, maybe if it was a special occasion I would use this but it won't be going in my everyday collection. I think I will probably be trying some other products from the Frizzi collection as I think the shampoo and conditioner may be more up my street.
You can buy Umberto Giannini ultra taming spray online here, or in some Boots stores for £5.99

Have you tried the ultra taming spray? What did you think of it?

Beth xx

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