Thursday, 2 May 2013

Revlon baby stick

Revlon Baby Stick £6.99
Hello, can you believe it's May already? Where is this year going! Yesterday I had my last ever lecture of second year, it was about dissertations (scary stuff). Now I just have 1 more assignment, two exams and then this year is completely done with and I am one year closer to graduating! Then I'll actually have to join the real world and get a proper job haha...
Just before I went off to London for the Cosmopolitan Media Masterclass in April I had a little spending splurge in Superdrug and bought a few beauty bits including a Bourjois Blush and the new Revlon Baby Stick.

Revlon have recently released their new summer collection called Pacific Coast, which contains new shades of some of their top products such as the lip butters and longwear nail enamels. One of their new products if the Baby Stick, a tint for lips and cheeks. It's available in three different shades; Sunset, which is a vivid, coral orange, Pink Passion, a bright summery pink and Tahitian, a paler, orangey-pink and the one I went for. The stick has a creamy forumla which glides effortlessly on to skin, it provides a dewy finish for cheeks and a more matte effect when used on lips.
This product has a very sheer colour, that's why I didn't swatch it because it didn't even show up in the photograph. Because of this I'm not really keen on using it as a replacement for my Bourjois Blush, as I might as well not wear anything at all. That's why I've taken to wearing it with a blusher because it gives a really nice, dewy highlight to your cheekbones in one easy swipe. Tahitian is also a great choice for an everyday lipstick as it's such a light, summery colour. So even if you prefer a more vivid blush you can still pick up a Baby Stick to use just on your lips.

What do you think of the Pacific Coast Collection? Have you used any products yet?

Beth xx

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  1. I hadn't heard of these before, they sound pretty though! Lovely colour too :)

    Great post!

    sjmcdf xo