Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Top Three | Beauty Sins

Image by Rozzhew
Just because I'm a beauty junkie, obsessively read blogs and beauty articles and am constantly on the lookout for new products to try does not mean my routine is always top notch. Infact some parts of my beauty regimen leave a lot to be desired, and I've shared my Top Three Beauty Sins here with you.

1) Using my fingers to apply my foundation
I know using a brush or sponge leaves you with a more flawless foundation application but I still often find myself skipping this important step. Sometimes I can't help but grab my foundation and quickly use my fingers to apply a layer instead of a brush. I think investing in the right tools for each of my different bases will help solve this problem.

2) Forgetting to take my make up off
This is part laziness by also partly due to self-esteem issues. I've suffered with acne since I was about 15 years old, and while I'm lucky that it's calmed down and not left any scars I still feel self-conscious going completely bare faced. In the beginning of our relationship, I would never let my boyfriend see me without make up. I would go to sleep with a full face, before jumping up in the morning to wipe it off and reapply it before he could see. Of course, this was terrible for my skin, so soon I started taking it off bit by bit and now I can go make up free in front of him without any issues.

3) Keeping my brushes clean
I think this one is something that a lot of make up lovers can associate with. When I do use brushes to apply my make up - namely powder, blushers and eye shadows - I leave them languishing in their stand for weeks on end. I often look at my brushes and I know I should wash them, but I always forget to set aside ten minutes a week to give a deep cleanse.

So there's my Top Three Beauty Sins! Do you find yourself doing the same, or do you have different ones? 

Beth xx


  1. I'm definitely guilty of not cleansing my brushes often enough too! I don't think applying foundation with your fingers is a problem, it gives a nice finish sometimes!

    Sam xo

    1. I just never seem to get round to it haha! I agree it's good for mousse foundations because brushes can make coverage a little too heavy for me :) Beth xx

  2. Haha this made me chuckle because I'm guilty of all three of these! How do you clean your brushes when you do it? Do you use a certain product or just put them in warm water? I'd be interested to know because I've got a new set and want to try and keep it as clean as possible!


    Bex x

    Rainbow Rain Blog

    1. To clean mine I just use some baby shampoo and warm water, although anti bacterial handwash does the trick too! You can also get sprays to give your brushes a quick daily clean after each use - Bareminerals does one, and there a few others on Beauty Bay :) Beth xx

  3. I hate cleaning my brushes so I put it off longer than I should. You're post has motivated me to give my brushes a good shampoo this weekend.