Saturday, 9 February 2013

Benefit's brow bar

Now waxing and tweezing aren't exactly the most thrilling of subjects but never-the-less they're part of every girl's life. So after work today I decided to stop by the Benefit Boutique, in Bournemouth's Debenhams store and get one of their signature Brow Arch Treatments.

This was the first time I have had my brows waxed but the service I recieved at Benefit was second to none. All the girls working on the counter were really friendly and helpful. My therapist, Sophie, took the time to explain what shape had been chosen for my brow and how this would be achieved. Every brow shape is individual and tailored to suit your face shape and feature, no stencils used here!

While I was there, several other women came in to have their brows shaped and/or tinted, which shows what a popular service this is.

I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I saw the outcome, but only because the waxing and tweezing had made the skin around my brows go bright red! But Sophie soon cleaned it up by applying a calming balm and some super-strong concealer, anyway all the redness and swelling has completely disapearing now (a couple of hours after the treatment). Having the treatment regularly will help your skin get used to the waxing and reduce the amount of redness and/or tenderness you have during and after.

Afterwards the girls at the Benefit counter were happy to show me the range of gorgeous products they have on offer, showing me ones which were perfect for my oily skin and they even gave me makeover using some of the recommended ones.

what a difference!
Now I've had a Signature Brow Arch it's safe to say I'll be another regular customer at the boutique!

What to expect at the Brow Bar

  • your therapist will check that you're not using any medication or have any conditions that may (potentially) react badly with wax and you'll be asked to sign a waiver
  • then your therapist will talk you through what brow shape they have chosen for you and how they will achieve this
  •  First your therapist will trim your brows 
  • After testing the temperature of the wax on the back of your hand, they will apply the wax between your brows, above and underneath them to achieve the brow shape that will suit you best
  • Any stray or loose hairs will then be tweezed to stop them ruining your look
  • Your therapist will clean any excess wax will be cleaned from around your brow, then they will apply a cooling balm to help reduce any redness. If this is your first wax then the skin will look quite inflamed
  • Another balm will be applied to close your pores so the therapist can then apply Boing! - a concealer - to help cover the redness.
  • Your brows will be finished and defined with the use of Brow zings 

The signature Brow Arch treatment starts at £11.50, to find your nearest Benefit Boutique or Bar click here. There was no appointment necessary, although waiting time may vary from boutique to boutique depending how busy they are.

Have you had any treatments at a Benefit Boutique? What did you think?

Beth xx


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