Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Lush haul

It was a bit late for me to blog yesterday. A friend and I went to Zizzis for tea and then went and saw Hitchcock. It was amazing, creepy but never-the-less amazing. Anthony Hopkins was perfect to play the part of Hitch and Helen Mirren... Well she's just fanstastic!

Our food at Zizzis: (l-r) Sophie's calamari rings, my goats cheese bruschetta and our rustica pizzas

Anyway, my skin is having a bit of a bad breakout at the moment so when I was in town yesterday I decided to have a little splurge in Lush hoping that if I treated my skin to some lovely, all natural products it would be nice back to me (for a change!).

The people at Lush were lovely as usual and helped suggest some products which would help clear up the breakouts without irritating them. As you know, using harsh cleansers on oily skin will simply make it worse, definitely not what I need right now. I decided to pick a range of products which I could add to my night time regime - I'll do a post about that soon - and here's what I got.

1. Herbalism, 100g - £6.95: don't be put off by the vivid green colour, mixing a pea sized amount of this solid cleanser with some water will create a light paste which is effective at removing all traces of make up (well apart from eye make up). It's unlike any cleanser I've ever used before and at the moment I'm not really sure what I think about it but it was really refreshing and incredibly gentle on my skin.

2. Tea tree water, 100g - £3.95: I love toners and after seeing Sophie Says raving about Eau Roma water on her blog I decided to take the plunge and buy one too. I decided on the smaller version so I could test out how it would react with my skin. Unlike other tea tree products I've used in the past it's not particularly strong and when you spray it straight onto your face it seems like just a normal water spray.

3. Mask of magnaminty, 125g - £4.95 : this. this has been my favourite product so far. I know I've only used it once but it was amazing. As you may have noticed from my previous Lush post I love mint so when I picked up the tester in store and realised it was made with peppermint oil itwent straight into my shopping basket there and then. It is a really invigorating mask and you can feel it working deep down into your skin as soon as you put it on. I expect further great things the more I use this product and once I've used up this small pot I'll probably invest in a full size tub.

 Wishing you all a very happy valentines day - whether you're single or not!

Beth xx

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