Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lush "mint julips" lip scrub

Tis the season for cracked, dry lips! The bitter cold weather mixed with indoor heating is a recipe for disaster where you lips are concerned and I don't know about you but mine have definitely been suffering lately.
I picked up this cute little pot when I was browsing in Lush a couple of weeks ago, my lips were feeling red raw and one sniff of the gorgeous minty chocolate scent was all I needed to convince me to purchase it.

The scrub is incredinly gentle, as it's made from castor sugar, but still effective at stopping your lips from being dry and flaky. The jojoba oil will then keep your lips moisturised and prevent them from immediately drying out again. It's great value for money as well, because you hardly need any scrub to get your lips in tip top condition, I've been using mine everyday and hardly made a dent in tub.

One of the best things about this scrub is the fact that it's made from all natural ingredients - you can actually recognise most of the ones on the label. I know people always wonder when they wear lipgloss or lipstick, "what am I putting into my body everytime I lick my lips" but with Mint Julips there's no need worry. Infact the instructions even say on the back that you can lick off the excess. I've tried it, it's good but I wouldn't recommend eating the entire pot.

You can pick up a lip scrub in store or buy it online here for just £5.25 - also available in Bubblegum and Popcorn scents

Have you tried any other lip scrubs?

Beth xx

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