Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beauty Wishlist #1

Beauty Wishlist #1

Beauty Wishlist #1 

There's rarely a time where I am not lusting after new make up. A new season means new trends and my wish list growing ever longer. I have to admit I don't follow trends too passionately, I prefer to stick with what suits me, I don't believe you should wear something just because it's "in". Here's a few beauty pieces which I currently have my eye on.

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Collection feat: Old Bond Street (violet), St Martins Lane (deep wine), Oxford Street (toffee nude) and Regent Street (glossy grape): £25.00
Okay, so I really don't need any more nail polishes but I can't help myself. I really need to invest in an acrylic stand soon, my storage box is pretty but it's a right pain to try and find the right polish. This autumn is all about rich, deep colours which I just love for nails. I think my favourite is St Martins Lane because I adore berry shades and this would take you all the way through winter. I've never tried Nails Inc polishes but I love the range of shades they offer so I think a bottle could should make it's way into my collection soon.
Benefit Rockateur: £23.50
The latest in Benefit's famous box-o-powder range. Rockateur is a gorgeous shimmery rose gold which I think will be incredibly flattering.It's only recently been released but already the blogsphere is a-buzz with positive reviews. I'm not one to follow the hype but I genuinely think this is beautiful, I'm a bit worried the shimmer will look bad on my combination skin but luckily my cheeks aren't oily.
MAC Rebel: £15.00
I've have been driving my friends insane telling them I want to try a plum lipstick but it's just trying to find a flattering shade which is the difficult part. I'm quite fair skinned so I don't want something super dark, but I have quite full lips so I can pull off a statement colour. I saw Rebel on another beauty blog and thought how stunning it was, I was able to see from the swatches it was the perfect in-between shade I was looking for to start autumn.
Pixi Lip Blush in Energy: £12.50
This Lip Blush is a light coral apricot, which seems completely at odds with the MAC shade I picked but I genuinely do think this is a lovely colour and something which is much more wearable everyday. It's a lip stain which means the colour will sit on your lips, usually, for much longer than a stick or gloss.
ARTDECO Illuminating Shimmer Cream in Golden Glow or Bronzed Glow: £10.25
Just because summer is over doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to gorgeous glowing skin. I prefer golden based highlighters myself as I think they look more natural so I would go for Golden Glow. I used to love the highlighter from Benefit but now I find it's just a bit too glittery for me so I would love to try out this ARTDECO one instead.
Clinique Superprimer: £20.00
Last but by no means least on the beauty wishlist is the new Superprimer form Clinique. I tested this out in Boots a few weeks ago and it was lovely. So soft and silky, it glided on like a dream. I love trying new primers, they're probably one of the only beauty products, along with foundation, that I don't mind splashing out on. There are several in the range but most are designed for colour correcting, because my main problem is an oily t-zone the lady at the Clinique counter recommended the universal shade.

What beauty products are on your wish list for autumn?

Beth xx

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  1. You NEED Rebel and Rockateur! They are both so beautiful. I have worn Rockateur nearly every day since I got it! and Rebel is stunning. I wear red liner under it to bring out the red or dark liner to make it really deep.

    Kristen xox