Sunday, 29 September 2013

Empties #1

On regular basis I buy a lovely little of haul of beauty goodies, but then I get so excited to try them out that I forget to take any pictures before I rip them out the packaging. And more often than not I'm halfway through a product before I realise "I meant to blog about this!" Well, there's no need for that product to go unshared - I rounded up a few of my used up, or nearly used up, beauty products to share with you.

Dr Brandt. Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner: sample size
I actually received this sample in my first order from Beauty Bay. It's a great service, they offer free standard delivery but if you pay £1.50 they'll pack a couple of extra samples into your order before they ship it off - even if you only order one thing like me. After using this several times I still have mixed feelings about it. You are supposed to apply a thin layer to anywhere you suffer from blackheads and enlarged, wait for it to turn blue and wash it off - supposedly taking away the dirt and shrinking your pores. The first time I used it I was waiting for it to turn a bright, smurf shade of blue when it reality it's more a pale blue-grey. I'd like to think my skin looking smoother and cleaner after each use but not enough for me to fork out £31.64 for a full sized tube. I'll stick to nose strips thanks.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer: £6.99 from Superdrug
This is my go to drugstore primer. Cheap as chips and it really works. I bought this one after I used up my sample tube of Smashbox primer, I was umming and ahhing over whether to shell out nearly £30 for Smashbox (which really is an amazing primer) or just to pick another. As much as I'd love to have picked up the Smashbox one there wasn't really a spare £30 in my budget at that point. This primer really is a good budget alternative, it tackles shine, blurs imperfections and really helps your make up to stay in place for longer. I currently have four primers in my make up stash and I always like to mix and match them but this one will always have a special place with me.

Benefit The Porefessional: £24.50
You can read my full review of this amazing product here. This was the first full size Benefit product I ever bought and I have not been disappointed. I bought this tube back in February when I was getting my brows shaped and despite the fact that I have used it nearly everyday I am still managing to squeeze a little bit out of the tube everyday. So although spending £24.50 in one go on one product may look like a lot, it's definitely made it's money back from the amount of uses I've got out of it. This is hands down the best primer I have ever used, it feels silky soft when you apply it, it blends away enlarged pores, imperfections and oiliness and provides the perfect base for any foundation or BB cream. I can't wait to buy my next tube.

Bourjois Express Eye Make Up Remover £4.99 from Boots
I've always struggled with eye make up remover, no matter how sensitive the formula it just seems to dry my eyes out. I even find the Simple one too harsh sometimes as it completely dries out my eyelids and leaves them sore and irritated. This Bourjois has been slightly better because it has more an oily consistency. Okay, that doesn't sound very pleasant, but rather you shake to combine two formulas and you get a formula which is lighter than normal eye make up removers. I do like this one from Bourjois but I do think I will be exploring other brands to try and find a gentler one. If you have any recommendations let me know!

Have you tried any of these products?

Beth xx


  1. As much as I love the results of Benefit Pore Perfector, it does not suit me! :(

  2. Must check out these primers, I've been on the hunt for one !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World