Thursday, 19 September 2013

Premier model skin toner

Premier Model Skin Toner created by Monu - £11.69 (in Look Fantastic Sale)
This toner featured in my Look Fantastic Haul last week and you may think this is a bit soon to feature the product but it's quickly become one of the favourite steps in my morning and evening skincare regime.
I'd been looking for a toner for a while when I stumbled across the Premier Model Skin toner in the Look Fantastic sale and bought it on a whim really. According to the website it promised to revitalize skin and tighten pores, I really struggle with and oily t-zone and enlarged pores by my nose so I was sold.
I've been using this toner twice a day since it arrived and I can say, in combination with my other skincare products, it really has started to help my skin tone, quality and acne.
The toner by Monu Skincare contains sodium hyaluronate to plump up the skin, vitamin C for radiance, aloe vera to soothe and vitamin B5 to help promote moisture balance - it's also paraben free which is always good for any beauty product. Because of the mix of gentle an natural ingredients I think this would be suitable for any skin types, even you sensitive ones.
This unlike any toner I've used in before in the fact that it's a bit like cleanser. You can either warm it between your hands and apply to your face, or use a damp cotton wool pad - which is the option I usually go for - and it foams up a little bit on your face. I love it because it makes my face feel so clean after! You'd think after using make-up remover and a cleanser that your face would be free of make-up, but sweep the cotton pad across your face and you'll still see the faintest traces of foundation. It does make you think how clogged up your skin must be after several days of wearing full make up.
The only problem I have had with this toner is the bottle. I can never seem to do it up tight enough, meaning it leaks and has now ruined the cardboard box it came in - you can probably see the watermark in the picture above.
While I am really impressed at this product paying £11.69 in the Look Fantastic sale was enough for me. I don't think I'll be paying out the usual price of £20.95 but that's only because I rarely spend over £20 on any beauty product.

Have you tried any of the Premier Model Skin range yet? You can buy the toner in the Look Fantastic sale here or on the Monu website here.

Beth xx

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