Monday, 2 September 2013

Mani Mondays: MUA Nail Constellations

MUA Nail Constellation in Pisces* and Rimmel Salon Pro Britpop*

Unfortunately I missed last week's Mani Mondays because I was away in North Devon for the bank holiday weekend. But never mind, I'm back this week with a really simple nail design thanks to MUA.
My friend gave me the Pisces Nail Constellation bottle as part of my birthday present back in May but this is the first time I've actually gotten round to using it. It's similar to Ciate's nail caviar but a lot more affordable at £3.00 a bottle. The tiny beads create stunning three dimensional nail art, I used them for an accent nail on each hand but with a steady hand you could draw a line of beads down the centre of each nail or place beads at random for a unique look.

Pisces is made of shiny silver, green and pink balls so I decided to pair them Britpop, from Kate Moss's Rimmel range, it's a dark teal colour - a cross between blue and green - so perfectly matches the green and silver balls. What I love about Nail Constellations is that you will never get the same look, even with nails done at the same times, because of the mixture of colours.

I will warn you they can be a little bit fiddly and messy so be sure to do this over a tray, I used an upturned box lid so I could easily tip the beads back into the bottle. Also this look won't last forever, the nail beads will drop off as time goes by so you might want to save the look for a special occassion. Luckily unlike glitter and sequin nail polishes, the beads are pretty easy to remove!

How to achieve this look

1) Prep your nails with a clear basecoat before painting on Britpop from Kate Moss's Rimmel range
2) Remove the cap from the Nail Constellation bottle and fill with the beads, while the polish is still wet take off the white cap and gently squeeze the beads onto your nails
3) Press the beads gently into your nail polish and then tap off the excess (it's best to do this over a tray so you tip the beads back into the bottle)
4) Finish off your other plain nails with another coat of Britpop and then a clear topcoat

If you like the Nail Constellations you can buy them online here or in your local Superdrug store

Beth xx


  1. I learned never to do this in a rush as mine came out awful the first time I tried! Must sit down and take some time with it in future. xox

  2. I love the caviar manicure, but personally I prefer it just the way you wear it - on 1 or 2 nails max :o). Xx

  3. We're nominating u for a Liebster Blog award! Go check out our blog later on tonight for all the details!