Friday, 7 March 2014

Weekly Wishlist 001

I was going to title this post "March Wishlist" but there's so many lovely things out there that I want at the moment I didn't think it would all fit into one post. On another note, how is it March already! This year is flying by so quickly it makes me sad, I don't know whether it's because I only have a few more months left of university and I don't want it to end or because there's so much I need/want to do that it's making the time go faster. The only thing I'm hoping that is on it's way quicker is the better weather! We are in desperate need of some sun, and I want my spring wardrobe to start making an appearance. It's definitely one of my favourite seasons and it's definitely inspired this week's wishlist.

Weekly Wishlist 001

1. Blue Longline Relaxed Boyfriend Blazer: £35.00 As soon as I saw this blazer I fell in love. Baby blue, as you can tell from the rest of my wishlist, is one of my favourite colours! It's perfect for spring and this blazer is so versatile, it would look great with a dress or teamed with skinny jeans and heels.
2. Black Ditsy Floral Belted Playsuit: £19.99 Florals make up a great deal of my wardrobe, and this playsuit would make a welcome addition. I love the structured look of this playsuit, with it's belted waist, I think it would be a great shape for anyone. The red belt also adds a lovely pop of colour.
3. Navy Cut Out Polka Dot Playsuit: £25.00 I already own one polka dot playsuit, but this one is so cute I couldn't resist. It's the perfect transitional outfit for spring/summer: great during in the days with sandals and a denim jackets and then swap the shoes for some heels, ditch the jacket and you're ready for a girls night out.
4. Mini Tulle Skirt: £15.00 this skirt reminds me partly of one I used to wear when I was really little and partly of my younger sister's ballet skirt. Pink is not usually a colour I go for, but this is so pretty with the tulle overlay that I think it would make a great addition to anyone's summer wardrobe.
5. Pale Blue Gemstone Statement Necklace: £12.00 this necklace combines my love of pastel colours (blue, mint and yellow) with flowers. Everyone loves a statement necklace but this one is just a little bit dainter, making it the perfect partner for all sorts of outfits.
6. Light Blue Satchel: £28.00 The final baby blue item (for today), satchels are my favourite type of bag because they're so versatile and, to be honest, really pretty. Of course the colour caught my eye with this one, but the mini size makes it perfect for everyday use.

What items have made it on to your weekly wishlist?

Beth xx


  1. Love the items you have chosen on your wish list, the playsuits are really cute, will be fab for this lovely weather! Let's hope it stays :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  2. Ooh such lovely picks :) I love these pastel colours so much - I can't get enough of them right now!